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I live in Los Angeles and I work at Kiyo. It used to be called something else but fuck that. We are hopefully making social media a little less toxic and a little more personal but who the fuck knows. It's fun tho. Download it maybe.

I also made Without, a relationship app for those with separation anxiety. I wrote a thing about it. I'm single now tho, so don't read too much into that.

Oh, and then PKPKT, a weird bluetooth game that lets you steal from people. Someone else runs that now tho and somehow the cool font I used on the site is failing but I think that's my fault. I just want you to know the whole story and I probably could've fixed the font in the time it's taken me to type this but whatever... I'd have to like.. save another file or something and that seems like a fucking ordeal.

I guess the whole point of this stupid site is to talk about myself, so I'd like you to know that I've worked at GroupMe (twice), MLB, Hot Potato and a few other places.

Why are you even still reading this?

Maybe you want more. Well, just like you, I'm on the internet: twitter, li.st (archive), flickr, instagram but I pretty much only put shit on Kiyo now, so install that if you want to creep. I'm on LinkedIn as well but I refuse to link to it. Deal with it.

Last updated: Early 2018-ish